What is your wish in order to promote inclusion? + Message from Michel Englebert, Laureate


What do you wish for in order to recognize and include in our communities all people who are marginalized, whether by age, condition, illness or a handicap?

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Message from Michel Englebert

2015 Public Peace Prize Laureate in the Local Peacemaker category

MICHEL ENGLEBERT is the Laureate in the LOCAL PEACEMAKER category. He received 47 % of the public support (and nearly double the minimum points required to become a finalist in his category).

He began his career with Doctors Without Borders. Years later, in Belgium, inspired by his own handicapped son’s particular requirements, he created a community home for handicapped adults where they can live and grow in spite of their differences with the loving support they need.


We are at a crossroads in a world which is barely aware of itself and the way it is destroying our planet. There is no major movement underway to ensure a dignified life for my son, or for his brothers and sisters with handicaps, nor for others I have met, be they African nomads or seniors from the suburban neighborhoods of Brussels. They all have one point in common: no immediate economical profitability, and yet a capacity to bring forth our deepest humanity and that is what will save us – our values. What I have done for my son, you can do too… as soon as you activate your faith, as soon as 2015. 

May 2015 be an excellent year for new projects, audacious and full of grace!

– Michel Englebert

Here are cards sent by organizations dedicated to people with intellectual disabilities.



(Click to enlarge)



Faith and Light International, click below

FLI_Voeux 2014 Eng

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