What are your wishes for your community? + Message from Luke Martin

24h-peace-en-0002What do you wish for in order to encourage commitment to service and community involvement, mutual aid and non-violence?

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Message from Luke Martin

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist in the Local Peacemaker category

A naturally compassionate person and an excellent mediator, this peacemaker offers his leadership skills to the House of Friendship, a community centre for harmonious intercultural relations in downtown Montreal, Canada.


I am heartbroken to see the earth and so many lives unnecessarily destroyed by war, injustice and consumerism.  But I am lifted up by all the good that is already in the world. When people see people as people the spirit of sharing is present, the spirit of joy is there, and the spirit of unity is manifested. I wish for all of us to see each other as people.

– Luke Martin

4 thoughts on “What are your wishes for your community? + Message from Luke Martin

  1. We are all one person.
    We cannot hate the other without hating a part of ourselves.
    I wish that we can find the love for ourselves inside of us and then share it with someone else.
    And take the love we see or have for others, and bring it inside ourselves.
    Let love be our inspiration in 2015.

  2. Get to know your neighbors, become engaged in your community, at any level. Look at the big picture, as a community we can advocate for effective change, improvements in our own community Look out for each other, do not be afraid to reach out! Sit on a committee, help in any way you can. It can be a small token or something larger!! Do not be afraid to “care” for someone who might appear a bit different! We are a community! So we stick together and work together!!!!.

  3. Less pray for southern Sudan which is heading to be stateless,there is food shortage,no water, no movement all the songs there students ca not move to get education across the neibouriing countries because there is no foreign currency.less pray for the souls of less fortunate people

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