The 2nd edition of 24 Hours for World Peace is happening NOW!


Every hour during the vigil, we will send out a new appeal for peace, sharing and reconciliation. We invite you to respond by delivering your own messages and wishes in the “comments” space at the bottom of the articles on the Public Peace Prize website.

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You will also discover the laureates and finalists of the 2015 Public Peace Prize who will be presented, one by one, every 2 hours.  

This event starts tonight, December 31st at midnight UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) in London. To figure out at what time the 24 Hours for World Peace vigil will begin in your time zone, please consult the UTC system:  

Meet the Peace Laureates and the Finalists for 2015!

The laureates and finalist for the 2015 Public Peace will be presented every two hours during the 24 Hours for Peace in the World vigil on the PPP website.

The candidate who received the most support in his or her category was proclaimed Public Peace Laureate in that category. The candidates who received sufficient support in a calculated proportion* for their category are recognized as finalists for the Public Peace Prize.

The support for each candidate was evaluated according to a proportional calculation, taking into account the attendance profile, the number and quality of the comments. Activity on the site and other social media was included in the calculations.

Read all the details at:

A message from the 24 Hours for World Peace 2015 Spokesperson

Marie-Marcelle Desmarais, winner of the Public Peace Prize 2014 in the Emerging Peacemaker category will kick off the 2015 edition of 24 Hours for World Peace. Her message reminds us of the importance of encouraging and honoring peacemakers in the world through public recognition like the PPP. Click the link below to read her message on the Public Prize for Peace site: “It is urgent to make known the peacemakers in our world.”

Don’t forget to participate!

Let’s start the year 2015 together under the sign of peace by participating in 24 Hours for World Peace! Relay the cards, wishes, and messages through your sites, blogs and social networks!

Three ways to stay updated during the 24 Hours for World Peace vigil:

  • If you’re on Facebook, “Like” our web page – we’ll publish a new message hourly.
  • If you want to receive invitations to participate hourly in your Inbox, sign up on the Public Peace Prize website.
  • If you registered for 24 Hours for World Peace last year, you will receive a newsletter every 4 hours your inbox.


Many thanks for your participation,

The team

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